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    After weeks and months thought wasted...
    After the flash of a minute, in which inspiration had burned its secret marks, all the idle scribblings were at last fulfilled. The ant-hundreds of letters trumpeted nervous alarms, in my deaf ears the prophet-herald: "Awake with speed, the bridesmaids of the muses cannot wait! Time to refresh in your cobwebbed brain-craters the squandered knowledge of your experiments in opportunity!
    Every minute is an hourglass turned upside down, from which have rolled away the fine grains of dust, the fine crystals of grain, that proclaim transience. I plastered my face with shaving foam, and became a kindly bearded Santa Claus, though only until I had mowed the amber foliage of my lush hair forest with a sharp razor! 

    I saw the universe born, I saw in tearful pearls the irreplaceable losses Sadness like a murderous thief has caused, And I imagined that with a nobler part of my soul I might find a mate on a Fate-fateful day! Not the found 

    joy, liberating happiness, came, but failure, downfall: the whip-blowing wind of fear invaded my daily life, destructive pessimism found me again: only the spurning judgments of humiliations, of mud-slips, came; diligent hand executioners of executioners of "sham truths!" - of "truths
    of murderous hands:

    "You don't belong here because you think!" - And he whose mind is heated by individual ideas and considerations - according to this - no longer belongs in a place where bladder-like weasels dictate the milestone strings of reason! Many an assassin has accused me of eloquence, and now I am face to face with silence!

    The persevering Prometheus-consciousness that rises again from the all-transcending yellow earth is what is missing, for there is no one to support it with caring support, to lead me to perseverance where my stubbornness falter!

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