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    I came from the katlan-holds of the high hills, tempted by howling wolves, carrying the memories of happy consciousnesses, rolling invisible Sisyphus stones on eternal days, like one who in summer picks up a mark, to cast in spring, to pine in sweat! - I have seen a muscular ridge towering straight in homage, 

    and the valley-yard, with its peaceful lure, will welcome me! All that I loved I kept to be a fuller man! Like the rich-sad sacrifice of gushing tears in the eye-stands: the blood-clear sincerity of pains, the sigh of complaint, I have preserved in the match-box of my conscience the real raging of emotion of storms,

    The dazzling eyes of earth's stars did not ask my compliments nor my beauties! From my bombarding and all-seeing chestnut eyes I would have asked Humility, unselfishly caring kindness! For days on end I listened, absorbed, to my half-hearted pessimism, as a wise message from the wise Theiresias: "The camp of the bright-eyed still tempts me, surrounds me, but beware! The danger of your expulsion hangs over your head, threatens! "You'll be thrown away for your romance, your compliments, your bunches!" - Wherever I once started The unknown footsteps of my feet Yet the flirtatious grey winked, winked at me: I heard devastating Jericho accusations quiver, In the pits of my wiped-out eye-sockets, I felt myself annihilated as the curse of moments!


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