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    Were there loving and teasing compliments, flirtatious pranks, nonsense, streaming shower-floods that swan-face enclosed like a fence within itself? were there heavenly hearts listening to the fire of my serenade burning the bunches of my compliments, crackling embers glowing immortally in the furnace of my heart? 

    Happiness in all-powerful smiles happily lounging! Were there jesting court jesters, enthusiastic troubadours Who could but for moments have colonized the romance Of earthly stars in the eye-bowls? Comings and goings in ray-bombarded summers, nameless rumours, bargaining promises, have carried me and borne me in the trenches of years. 

    Few I would look into my eyes with honesty's shackles: perhaps they too may have secretly guessed I would not escape the truth. - Were there trembling hands on my face, and then hearts, clasped in my breast, leaping out, captive; unquenchable loves for each other, ever flaming? Tiny giggling joys smuggled back into my sadness, humiliating tears?

    Broken consciences with shared burdens and pains? In the lost crypt-magana of faces, painlessly to graft the fruitful harmony, the forgetting of the moving on, the beginning anew, as the ancient pledge of all-new survival? And how hopeless to chase Don Quixote's forgotten romantic dreams, and find in the One, the True Heaven-eyes, our sins cast off, our salvation liberated!

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