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    Who remembers that bright day? Maybe not even myself! - From the subconscious primordial sea of my brain, coral islands guard fulfilled events! Some questions, alas, I cannot answer! - The landscape was in a summer stupor, May, a lilac-voiced afternoon, a volcano-kissed red-pink face. In the crossfire of forgivable glances, my heart with unselfishness complimented and confessed, drew, and urged by the universal openness to tell all things openly! 

    Later, in the college, a choir of angels sounded an alarm, a shrieking cry of supplication! My stubborn self-pity locked in a closet, I shouted loving admonitions to the eternity that had happened, in the almighty moment; the Miracle was finally born! - I stood in the cover of marble rivers of ganges: my shadow hid like a faithful friend, lying flat with me. I saw a fairy like a heaven walking the ladder of science. 

    Proud-happy maiden, who shrieked, jested, and envied, Her blush-basket of coinage on two rose-faces, as proof of her burning love, Was deeply touched when I unselfishly offered her the ant-coo of my first lines! Eager-eyed romantic, I always stole a priceless pearl from the sad truths of her chestnut-flame eyes! - I would have been his friend, who would have leapt in mud to cross the cathlan of space-gaps with swan's grace! I have thus hidden my confessed feelings behind testimony of lines which - perhaps alone - he alone has read!

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