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    Ridiculous vagabond or trite confessor, Pathetic nobody of cheaply smuggled and secretly stolen flies! What are you waiting for? You should earn money for your musings, your thinking skulls, floating in the soup of the intellect of well-to-do companies! Are you waiting for your caring and cherishing grandmother to stand by your side and scrape out your hard-earned chestnuts? It's a give-and-take moment! Never forget! There are no humane people here - only a few at most - 

    no selfless helping, healing eyes, humble helping hands! Here there can only be what is left over from trade and the laws of free market movements as a remnant: Zac from the coffee puffs, or what is left over from the mouths of greedy big fish and piranhas as a hook - because it is no longer needed as surplus and falls out! What thou hast scraped for thyself with sweaty hands, by twelve hours' labour, thou hast 

    you can take! And the fair division of mine and thine has long ceased! Existence is like the stirring of wandering snails: there can be no firm will and intention where the instinct of determination still lacks something! And where the camp of the bribed like sheep Only listens at best to those who preach cheap meat, 

    while you know that skyrocketing unemployment is a Kharübdis speciality, and that everyone will sooner or later sink in its sea of pennilessness! I'm beginning to know it myself; I can banish my youth to prepare for a forty-year slavery to retirement!

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