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    I gently unfurl the wings of my handkerchief: I take care of the vulnerability of your fingers! Your outstretched swan-hand's valley-menace beckons me. It bends towards me in a subtle curve, silent, on a continent of fragrant paper. The Nessus-pain of thy tears when they gushed, heedless of ominous curses with fulfilled legends, I quickly gave up all the fractional-stellar drops to the ray of thy omnipotent eyes. In the nectar of thy kisses thou didst cherish thy all! - I have learnt by thee to cherish silence, To wait for more opportune moments, To feel the piercing eternity of thy gaze, The treasure-treasure-treasure of thy heart Beneath thy fertile ribs! 

    On the oak beams of my shoulders thy lily-head yet trembled: With smiles of heart-happy smiles-I have not yet colonized thy heart! I was always a welcome guest, I kissed your princess's crotch always with humility - in my vast imagination, of course! I have never been a brave and brave fellow - you know that - but the kingdom of heaven is caught in the slowed-down moment of the present and moved in!

    - And now that thy vow-ring shines on the minutes of thy broken hand, Thou art an untouchable ban, thy gay adventurer heart will never forgive me! With patience's rich, experience-generating will I still firmly wait for one!

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