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    I'm barely twenty. A tender, eggshell
    I was a lonely adolescent, living on my own
    When I first heard the sound of the first
    of the organ for a whole semester! Ó,
    how often have I trembled and shuddered when
    on his resounding hammer-voice the

    the eminence of literature, the prestigious old wizards
    The knowledge-bearing and knowledge-transmitting Knight! - none
    No other voice has ever sounded so in my memory's blotches
    The voice of a man who has never been a part of me
    unquestioning, as in a noble rock
    fine thin hairs!

    There I was bewitched and in love for ever
    In the ancient and pensive moments of his seminary! All
    With all its stately humanity, the human mind is an unknown
    with the human mind unknown to the human mind unknown
    the unknown colonies of the unknown, and with lightness of spirit
    enchanted and conquered.

    - Who to me from the wilderness, a voice of discipline, a voice of heavenly
    A heavenly guide and a fiery help in trouble:
    He became an artificial gentleman. I sat at table: Exams
    He offered me the treasures of knowledge! He believed in me too
    ; he supported me; in the cathenae of a single university. Good
    He was good to me, like a sweet child to a curious child. And what did I give? 
    Naive s I gave my childish conscience as a gift, and now
    I would cling to his wise and forward guidance,
    I would cling to it, and see if I could find some cheap, winnable
    way out? I listen to the rumbling echoes and growls of his voice
    and I see before me his gaze, calming the thunderbolts,

    and his bulging, sooty eyebrows, the minds, unplanked and unplanked.
    and holds him like an amber thread, and will not let him go till
    The eureka-sparks burst from all as One!

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