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    The vulnerable soul guards the silence of its solitude! On the road, on the way, the foot drags and carries the burden of trials within itself! And at last the will can only conquer The world's impromptu tribunal! The way-route that tries man, and the home-retreat, are bound together; man shudders when he sees a new goal and task, and his conscience falters at the sight of surprise success! 

    A man's place can only be right if his word is answered by sincerity! In your soul the incomprehensible and unfinished paths wind more and more confusedly: you set out on them again, when everything has become uncertain and unknowable and you cannot find your place - you crawl forward hesitantly and half-cowardly on the beaten paths: you cannot yet see the end of your journey, but it is drawing nearer and nearer - so you spy it curiously yourself! 

    Wherever the encouraging word calls, Caring, whispering messengers are sent to each other, To give thee the eternal baton: Faithful cynics, all-questioning They! Thou couldst not walk straight paths thyself, But crooked ones all the more - round and round! In your brain, you're surrounded by the chains of courage, and you're afraid to take a step, while under the aegis of your inner self, someone is calling you: "Don't do it yet, because the result is not certain!" - The straight paths are not made for you, - it takes a determined, loyal will to contemplate new plans of war and to realize that even the curved paths hold unexpected surprises, new challenges!