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    If thou shalt be tried and tested, why fear? Thou hast not chased sorrow, self-pity, idyllic compliments, but hast breathed according to the law of completeness! - The broken loneliness of the heart seems to be fulfilled, if the doubt grows in our bodies, whether I have done all things well, and have done my deeds and laws, and as 

    understand more and more, that not with a broken heart But with a fused immortal emotion serve the shackled secrets of eyes! - Perhaps it's only a clear and ancient struggle For the final fulfilment found, for the peace that we have felt In each other's heartbeats: In the restless and restless soul-clicks Long-forgotten desire circles in circular rhythm More and more majestically: Common family ties, eyes-pleasings, self-pity 

    O, but could I have been happy once, Had we found together, with affectionate will, A remedy for the pessimistic storm? - Words I sought, confessions, words of compliment and perfume, That would have made the tears flow with dignity from ditch-ridden cheeks,

    And pearls of sincerity that any man might believe When he gazed into rich human stars! For long I believed with infallible faith and childish babbling That eyes could not betray the sacred cause, Love's overcharged, atomized outbursts, Only full True level could confess, "I need you!" - immortal ancient words!

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