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    Why are you threatening unemployment? - I'm afraid of poverty too! Why must you scare my prodigal heart with misery? - I was afraid of opportunity! Why do you make the mice drink the music of the showers, you little brat? - I have borne the self-pity of great souls as long as I have been: I should be content, and not unhappy in error, as others think and suppose! 

    It is easy to laugh at other men's blunders, when you laugh at your own! The millstones of trouble and earthly things that bind men together cannot be forgotten! Yet it is facing our daily trials with honesty that shows: As a man, blood thyself, and never let thy cheap temptations give thee up in thy frivolity!

    - Look at thy own face: orphaned childish eyes gaze on thee, From the imprisonment of crystal vaults opposite. How is it possible that still the proud and unruly shadows of childhood traumas come back to haunt you? How is this possible, if we look at the earthly copies of our offspring with a caring fatherly heart under the telescope: we are looked upon with the joyous independent playfulness of little men, and wonder that we can again build palaces and beautiful castles by pushing cars on carpets, and curling up in Lego constructions! - Stumbling and stumbling, it would be a most religious idea: to forgive ourselves at last, and with a playfulness well thought out, to unwind the drab monotony of adulthood!

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