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    As a child, almost everything was so easy: toy cars trapped in sandpits, beaming with joy. And if I stumbled in my bare feet, my dear mother, with a forgiving look, helped me up: every day had its own meaning and purpose! 
    Among the shrieks of light-hearted clowns I felt it, 

    I was once more a full man! - I often woke up after the birth of a newborn baby: I had wandered in compassion and compassion, in dreams, and in reality I was rooted in a half-weakness! 

    He who still breathes and lives in the typing of his private life Will yet reach the Atlantis shores of rest and replenishment: after me still creeps, creeps, the envy of cunning eyes Hunts me, and ancient knowledge, where jealousy rears its head, There is no stone left on the ruins of understanding!

    The Persecution haunts me and pursues me! The sneaking knowledge that I am a fleeing beast to be hunted, because foolish laws allow it! And only the echoing voice of the outcasts is heard from far away - They may send me maliciously even under the muddy earth: My promise to two lovely human stars I cannot break - and the camp of freeloaders was eager to buy me, though my true value lies in the catacombs of my heart!

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