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    It's getting further and further away from the ground of reality...
    I am aware of my limits and my presence of mind! Sooner I'll become a pessimist, and I'll have to spend more time in front of locked doors! - Nothing is as valuable as it used to be: cheating is the new fashion, the misuse of kisses! - Objects that I have treasured up with a thought I cherish; for long I was a child and vulnerable, and slept nightmares till dawn! - I would have liked to colonize an editorial office with the manuscripts of my thoughts!

    And I still keep repeating the firm lines of stubborn stubbornness, which are immortalized in immortality, "just in case" - sooner or later -, because the last breath of our life has long been passed on to our descendants by DNA microbiology - that would be fine! - But where will it be and can it be

    the marketplace of ideas that once had better days: the alphabetical pool of compasses, messages and apocryphal thoughts? - And what can and will the humble bowing of the head mean to our dear ones? - 

    Who was the real fugitive, and who was the real soldier? He who was born at the turn of the middle ages, knows nothing of the new ways! And what is the testimony of all this? The everlasting, incorruptible example of Faithfulness: unselfish devotion in times of truly heaven-shattering adversity!

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