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    You could really understand!
    I can hardly answer otherwise with unfinished sentences even before love. Moral order reigns in the jungle of my soul, And the cosmic compass of constellations my senses modestly observe! From a million nervous orbits: Of remorse, remorse, and self-pity, The wounded heart is loosed, that crocodile-sized

    Tears ready to embrace - for the power of sincere consolation! I sat beside thee in the university pews: in the fatal crossroads of reason's fatal golgotha, and in that hallowed and eternal moment I understood: the rose of thy frail heart beams to me its sincere help, its consolation and emotion! It was a mystical superstition. There was silence in your words: deep and resolute wisdom! 

    If for no other reason, thou couldst at least understand! - I have no child yet! It is not fear and lack of responsibility that repels me, but rather the ancient despairing consciousness: lacking in self-confidence, I could hardly see - at most only occasional happier days: only furrowed cheeks, eternal tears and a stuck scream. The hyena-grin of avengers laughed at me, And flashed on my half-ugliness! 

    - I can only be a new man: I am more worthy if I throw off my bent past, but I must not, I cannot - I would sell the boiled fleeing spirit of myself! - And there will always be dragons and haramias - forget it!

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