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    "You're a lucky bastard, my friend!", I was told afterwards, humiliations, blue-purple wounds, life-slaps, soul-vulnerabilities: a broken and broken youth, a terror network of the soul, a car accident convalescence! - Not even this is cheap, a real fortune and a good refuge for the humane-hearted! Let's add that this was the experience of a chubby teddy bear, a fat buffoon made of vulnerability, who knew nothing but to compliment and romanticize in his own peculiar and cavalier way! 

    Showering crocodile shells from himself, until the ugly duckling, the musk-animal of life, crumbles like a porcelain elephant: the living, desperate insecurity himself, which was worthy of comfort and cuddling! I have found the compliments in the star-gazes of ladies, and may the One and indivisible Whole remain: in the moments of love's metamorphosis fulfilled, the 

    And the round-finished biology: the angel winking at us with her little face. - The inextinguishable reopening of life's possibilities, a transcendence that is soon shattered by the pathetic, old-fashioned consciousness of death: the fact that, buried, we ourselves become humus, on whom we live in the eternity of the circle of existence!


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