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  • IN 1983


    It was in this year that old T.N. The unemployed, the eternal beauty of Münchhausen, the romantic suitor and vulnerable newborn troubadour, saw the light of day. he was not fed fertile breast milk and almost fell asleep in his cot, clinging greedily to his love self. he dreamed of eternal life! 

    Mum went into labour for four hours haunted by Tomorrow, soon after George Orwell wrote 1984, and Christmas was the focus of much attention in Bögöte Street! - Two more years and he thought his wife would give birth to her own edible babble! And Reagan announced his Star Wars plan, while Mrs Thatcher was off to Budapest! 

    1983: A new day, and perhaps a new chance for someone of a brighter future where all the proud dreams of man's dreams will come true. Legendary in the eighties: we all hoped and dared to believe that in the clattering war of typewriters we could only be witnesses and victims, then we were transcended 

    "social conventions" and even passed the ninety walls! And SALT II and the hits of the nuclear twilight clouds were written in ink: but agents were activated by paranoid fear! 
    And yet from nothing we created like Sisyphus, love-esky breathing blood-vessels, clot-molecules: we chased success like obsessed men! - We should have guarded the frailty of our vulnerability!


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