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    In the faces of men you search for the impossible: the apocryphal necrology of unfulfilled dreams, desires and emotions, the tiny requiems of lives, which in a single glance, in a stunned realization, even flicker and reveal themselves! You cannot be free in your emotions, in your thoughts, for if you follow in the footsteps of snarling men, you yourself become an animal: And where is the universal pledge of the all-forgetting and liberating laughter nowadays? 

    Canst thou know thyself, if thou tell on another, or betray? You live your Existence by a recipe, - but the answers, the recurring questions, you cannot guess yourself! - You greet the drooling, chewing kittens of cockroaches who don't appreciate you with kisses on the hand, stolen from novels and the ivory towers of fiction, who feel alone and at ease in the fashionable boutiques of the malls, and Poetry, Poetry,

    as an ars poetica, a state of being, or a vocation-consciousness, is absolutely independent of their self-righteous character! - Forever restless, prophetic discontent is in thee: to blood thyself with etiquette-clothes, and to cultivate love kneeling in verse-boxes, like a knight of fair hope without chains! "Wast thou worse and more old-fashioned than these? Didst thou think thou couldst raise again in the hearts of ladies, as from an acidified Phoenix-hamoo, the song-lark, the immortal All? 

    No! You have been brought up to be a gentleman by your wise men and your books of knowledge, and no one can ask you, "Was your main attraction a rich restaurant or a luxurious car?" - No, and no again! - Perhaps there is a secret duel of minstrels nowadays, and the bohemian daredevilry of the profiteers is eradicating the last vestiges of chivalry 

    - But in the eternal blaze of passions to find and to recognize the intricate, simple connections of the present, The pre-coded secrets of eyes, of glances: the Magic! Two human Hearts can only beat for each other, for each other!