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  • Soul spaces


    From my eyes there flowed only the coagulated eyeballs of honest incredulity; chains of true pearls were lined up under my baggy eyes like clumps of onion-clumps! In feverish, timeless grayness, my rebellious finger-tips grope ever after instinct-secrets! With my senile self long since pregnant, I have regrown my outcast, my Golgotha-maiden! I think of only one thing: where and how could I have begun anew with my soul-mate another, more substantial, and perhaps wiser life?!

    In my being there still ticks the timeless, proud beating of the Universe in my ever more agitated, wicked time-bomb beats; in my metaphors the eternal, immortal compliments of love and all-powerful romances still reach me! Outside, stunted Minotaurs flock, hoping for mimic-majestic riches, and, looking into the invisibility of their curved mirrors, curiously peer at the compromising world!

    The mature soul, thought lost, wanders into prehistoric massive-syrupy solitude to find again the palpable depths of Being! Before me and after me, my closed-uncertain future and gaping, personalized mines for my ashes, which have been for some time decaying with the molecules of my cells; my romance, my beauty, crashes into the sucking air-wall of Nothingness and chokes me for the umpteenth time in melancholy! - Like a knife in soft butter, I should sum up the fragments of my memories backwards in my account of what has happened, so that I may move forward more courageously!