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    The days alternate like autumn with winter, or the darkness of night with the serene mornings, everything turns and moves, keeping the fleeting minutes of infinite time in a sane and circular motion, and so quickly the month of January, the month of foggy ice-armour, bitter in itself, flies before our eyes, with its nightmarish and visionary mystery, a little sneaking in magic that calls to itself the ghosts, wandering shadows and curious goblins, we feel it too, if not in the depths of our ever-young souls, but in the supporting columns of the skeleton of the organism: in the system of our bones, that they can certainly and certainly well sense and feel the outbreaks and icy retreats of the weather. 

    But perhaps, if we keep in our souls a tiny candle-light: the eternal candle of Humanity and Love, which, as a protective torch, seeks to help all who are in need, and hopes we may be on the way to the real truth: we must accept with understanding, if years, months, and days are passing, the need in human hearts,

    that peace, tranquillity and harmony may always be renewed, for perhaps the most important thing is that we hold on to each other and for each other forever with the unbreakable bonds of eternal happiness and love. And what the gentle future, trembling on unsteady legs, may bring, perhaps even I do not know, but I try to live in the present with all the complexity of my hair and work on transmitting my creative spirit!

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