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    Faithfully waiting for the sustenance of my only reliable and hitherto never failing existence, my beating heart, which toils day and night in ceaseless toil, is only a clickety-clack. It is waiting for the inevitable and all-determining, characteristic and eternal meeting, which, with patient half-ignorance, is still rather far away, but which, in the cogwheel-presence of the universe, is drawing nearer! 

    When the star of hope, shining and fragile in the two halos of love, with the confidence of understanding and the fragile expression of love, under the shelter of the sustaining forehead, reveals - concealing nothing - and with a firm vow of love: I need you, as long as I can hold out as an unavoidable sacrificial prisoner in the prison-catacombs of my body, that as long as I can allow the unity of the universe as one 
    as one power, that all our phonendoscopic sensibility and heartbeat's fused and whispering soul-bells of one heartbeat may hear the unspoken and eternally immortal One-claim:

     In the trying turns of life, whatever fate-turning compass-question may occur, which must be answered with common and rock-solid responsibility, with a cool head, knowing and feeling with all-pervading emotion-breath the priceless heart-body of the other person, who is constantly working, that the honest and every weakness or fallible blunder and mistake can be forgiven by the other consciously hearing organ, the law of unconditional acceptance does not forbid it!


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