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    If your biological members have already become skeletons, and your existence has faded away like a mortal frivolity of dust, please stop for one lasting moment, the all-defining moment, and ponder the philosophical questions that sum up your existence: Have you succeeded in retaining in yourself the loyal responsibility inherited from your parents, and the sustaining Gerincessity that lends you the strength to be a humane man, and not a nodding John, or, if desperate circumstances so require, a jerking up and down at will, according to interest and influence, a Janji? 

    Have you kept what your honesty, incapable of lying, and always seeking only the truth, has made you say? That you should always consider carefully and carefully your life-changing and fateful decisions? And that you should always follow the combined commands of your heart and your mind in deciding the difficult and complex situation, and if you have already devoted your precious head to the doom of the final refuge, that you should always take the decision of your heart and your mind.

    Know that thy being is most precious, and nothing can have happened in vain in the numbered minutes of thy fruitful rich hours! Be always consciously and with marked determination, and in no way with a rushing or possessive reckless will, a precious man, content with his life, and treasure the balance of the soul, For if you look into your heart, you will easily see that not only the preservation of biological organisms is the meaning of your existence, and the passing on of your knowledge, but the ideas of your intellect, which keeps the message, and the thoughts of your spirit, must find an accepting submission, and if possible be preserved!

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