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    I would like to look at this age with open eyes, with careful scrutiny and with the tools of diligence! To see - with impunity, like a camphor-air, searching and rummaging through the pages of individual human characters - what chemical substances combined to influence a human character to behave as it should, or to tolerate little trace of it?

    I would but seek - under every stone meticulously - I would but gaze, that halo and glowing halo, that precious quartzoma eye looks upon me as the most precious unpolished gem of precious metals: the rock-hard diamond! 

    And man's true worth of being would be his human person, and not his interest to be bought, and the thoughtful intelligence that shines there unnoticed on the library-shelves of the spirit! In this insane and inhuman age, as loyal subjects of chess pieces, some individuals, endowed with greater and all-powerful power, play games of profit and gain with human characters that can be exploited in their fallibility! And the ever-worried mind is toiling and toiling under itself in industry and steam-work, with unrelenting incessance for twelve hours a day, and can no longer help but the benevolence of the employers' bosses.

    of the merciful grace of the employers' employers. And the precious measure of value that is always in want of possession: money! - It is fortunate that the human emotions that can be valued in values: honesty, honour and integrity cannot be redeemed with money! I don't want to be gracefully and corruptibly intruding in front of pots of meat that can be bribed at any price, I just need a useful piece of paper measuring small values, with humility, to pay off the bills and the regime's sea of piles!

    I will not be tempted by the blade-notes of a society of limited intelligence, and of malignant tongues, whose thoughtful opinions, once born and held on this earth, are only appreciated after the condemnation of their mortality, if they hope to make a large profit! - I wish I could find a green branch with people who would not sell our spine for any money, and find - perhaps not too late here on earth - the Atlantis-world of my spiritual peace! Where contented harmony and existence would await me, and where unselfish acceptance and truthful honesty would not be begrudged!

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