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    The dying minutes of years, like dutiful old men, counseling man, and like compasses, their wise and tangible directions forcing the labyrinths of the fertile brain to ponder! Man, as a traveller who longs to forget, and to reckon with all that has happened, carries on through an existence the mistaken decisions of his past! Some strange stranger we once comforted, and with the healing balm of our kisses tried to heal, perhaps forever, the pain of all-remembering thorns in his soul!

    And we forgot, perhaps for eternity and for a certain time - because we erased from our memory, as a cleansing stream of the Creator, those unforgettable and long-ago figures of character whom we respected and supported in their moral backbone! Which safe or bank of thought can preserve the rich and unforgettable treasures of memory? The characteristic moments of the present surround us, and are multiplied by the indelibility of the past!

    And in vain! If we let the memory-centres of our minds, refreshed and perhaps still maintainable by knowledge, perish, let not every eternal and numbered minute of our existence groan and suffer the nagging of pernicious Alzheimer's forgetfulness through one precious gift-life! In time, we can confront the cells of our minds and brains that are regrowing like Prometheus!

    We shall one day be the fertile forms of the whole useful humus-materials of the great active creator, as a single part of the eternally reborn unit with the grinding gears of existence, but it is up to us to spur this world to reflection!

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