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    At the feasting frenzy of rich tables - I confess frankly - I am terrified, and I am constantly terrified! I wonder if there will be any more intimate and idyllic moments of family and soul-warming togetherness, and any remaining minutes treasuring the morals of my past, when I am constantly wondering, ruminating, and clacking night and day in my worn-out and worn-out brain, how will I pay the bills, the bills, the bills of my existence, in the numbered days of my mortal life, when the productive solitude is doomed to endure? !

    I have always been attracted by the stubborn and backbone of lion-hearted men: if, broken in labour, they have laid their well-earned breadwinner's wages at the mercy of their moral Himalayan conscience, and their substantial truths at the mercy of their word! Every day, as a wise master who knows which path to tread, With self-righteous discourses that begin life, Hope encourages me!

    I would like everyone to leave me one day: Either because they have urgent business, or have forgotten the trials of the gnashing teeth of the past, if I am left alone for ever, and my biological clockwork structure is about to be taken over by a disease that threatens to besiege it, can someone unknown remain as a faithful soul mate, to whom I can entrust the last breath of my life and all the responsible secrets of my heartbeat - like my Phoenix hope that I wanted to bring to life with the purpose of reflection - and build it up with careful care for a long time to come?

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