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    How alone I was, and alone in the solitude of my prison of prodigality, in the full responsibility of my life's creation, in the single-minded determination of my purpose! On the small and independent island of walls of my home, a safe haven, I lived out my days, carving for hours the words of meaningful lines, the sounds that only within me were ever resounding, and the messages of the lines, doomed to transience, yet thought-provoking!

    In the star-end of my inner microcosm's hall, A dear face's loving longing of my eyes' pearls A sudden waterfall of fierce pearls on my chubby face! And through the sometimes untrue hellish torture of life I tried to go through with a clattering stumbling, yet with an uplifted will, and to do the trying and calculating tasks of my existence!

    And for once, my rabbit-hearted conscience, which had been constantly in terror and on the battlefield of self-pity and self-doubt, could be reassured as a unit of the soul of wholeness, because what I really wanted to achieve as a noble and definite compass-goal, paying great prices and soul-sufferings and suffering blunders, I achieved, because I was happy and indeed 

    contented ought he to be, in whose heart the ticking ticker, with fully understanding humility, and as a sign of accepting admission, longed to know himself, and the weaknesses of his frailties! The labyrinth of my heart's vascular system beats ever more when an innocent but sincerely true pearl from the eyes of men asks admission through the gates of conscience!

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