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    The secret harbinger of summer May has sent intoxicating arrows of sunshine into the lap of the earth! All that was living and dead with phoenix-flowers sprouted and faded, renewed as Promethean bodies on the lush surface of the brown earth! The snow hyacinth that looks like heaven Is the blessed and faithful brother of the tinkling-hated lily of the valley!

    The halo-light fell like Eden-nectar curtains of showers, and lured from the tanned and fertile breast of earth The hidden Pandoran hopeful seeds of hope of existence! As if the rainbow-boating chalices of the hydrangeas had offered the shelter of parasols above the twilight-glories of the tulips, and Mother's Day the most blessed cure for wounds of the soul, its sacred flower of ever-faithful solace: the angelic lily of the valley, innocent in its defencelessness, and ever unbreakable in its fragility, with the words of Truth-telling!

    Its heavenly bell-petals, sacredly clinging to little life, With blessed and forgiving grace, Their little hats, as a sign of worthy spine, Yet to man's orphan and half-weary conscience lift, And with secret and soft melodies whisper it as a counsel in our ears, Like mischievous little elves of sighs: "Tear us down boldly, but with tender caution, To heaven-pleasing, all-forgiving, all-caring mothers. 

    that they may have this majestic day, who, as the caring parents of conditional love, ever watch over our ghostly dreams of nightmares! - I can only hope that you, fine pearl of porcelain, which I give from my heart to the one who has given me her whole existence, will serve as a cure for my ever-renewing spiritual wounds!

    Soon, well in advance, as one should not forget the special and first-class invitation - the summer of biological pearls, disarming and jangling reparation of May with its sultry glances! And for one moment the curtain of pipes with its refreshing and soothing drops, the gift of cool air, seems to disappear - the only remedy for the thirsty mother earth's grooved wounds!

    And perhaps my own blunders, my miscalculations, may at last be fulfilled, for the golden rays of the halo of hope, with their honey-flavoured rays, have greeted me, offering hope to banish the gloomy and dark depression!

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