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    "Luck is inevitable when you are determined to climb the ladder successfully for your own sake!" - say the lucky ones who have long ago sold out to profit-hunting and profit-driven interests! Damn! - The dreary monotony of our days would be drowned in a single drop of water - if there were such a thing - by the calculating harassment and the selling of individual personality!

    Man grinds up his organism at an incessant rush: and if need be, if not, the strenuous drudgery is nowadays rather unprofitable, and brings little laurel! He who today steals, cheats, and conquers the stock-market and interest-markets of paper masses for profit, is but a victor without battle or struggle - in vain - for the soul-richness of the fine strings of reason - who can understand it with a whole and sincere heart?!

    The truly essential and important things are always invisible to the lenses of the eye, for only by searching hard and yet with sufficient patience in the courts of a truth-telling conscience can one find the clues to what one has found! I would that every man with the single Cyclops-eye of his inner knowledge of man could see in the other the whole map-systems of fate-turning troubles and life-altering blunders, and not only with uncompassionate cold indifference - just because the burden of material troubles - would malicious lamb's clouds like thunderbolts of lightning strike like blades over his head!

    How easy it would be to achieve peace of mind, and calmness of balance, leaving behind the grinding mill-wheels of money-making, and the storms of the transience of human relationships, also the protruding honest thoughts: spirits, loves, and emotions in the two hands of angelic understanding, able to help and protect, to give security and relief to the stigmas of the soul: to feel the most important elixir of the heart, the paradisiacal harmony of providence!

    I think of this incessantly - I wonder, when fate has killed in its great big book the little and precious stories of life that can happen to man - what role has existence preplanned for me in its elaborate structure? Whither shall my path-way-way ever lead me as a compass, and who shall show me the attainable goal by his wise counsel and foresighted advice?!

    I cannot know for certain, but they all say, "Fortune is changeable, and it is up to you to whom her blessed Providence favours!"

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