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    A cold and half-cold bird in a cage: our soul-body is imprisoned in the doomed bone-prison of our mortality since we came into the world! - We shall be more and more pressed by the all-knowing organic restlessness: every little bell-clang of our heartbeat shall whisper with its melody the patiently numbered and measured eternal messages of our days here on earth!

    As alien castaways of a single body, we will always be prisoners in a bone-museum until the lawful sand-periods of our existence are gone: are we only organic matter, bone and tactile and palpable bone-tissue? 

    It cannot be! Full of tiny moments of magic: Defining and perhaps all-deciding encounters that leave deep traces, blazing glimpses of fireflies and the romance of heaven beyond earth! There is something unique and unrepeatable in every creature: even in the thinking and reckoning man!

    My brain never shuts off, glowing with stress, boiling and burning like a volcanic fire, burning, morphing and constantly thinking of the blunders of the past! But only then can I be truly in spiritual equilibrium, honestly settled and contented: If the mistakes of my past were recycled as a human series of experiential slaps and real lessons, 

    the ancient law of adaptation to life! Unhappy, but perhaps not hopeless, he who enters the future with deliberation!

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