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    The chessboard of life, forced into the prison of mortality, yet with a legitimate human conscience, forces the human weak conscience into the long and difficult trials of an innocent prisoner. The human heart, shackled by the shackles of spiritual affliction, is bound with a gallant and unwillingly hesitant will to the swamp of self-pity. in such a fateful situation, perhaps the only refuge for something is that which, with persistent and purposeful determination
    with a backbone of head held high, with a resolute consciousness: the all-embellishing willpower, and the safe easy credulous knowledge that the humane way of life is not given for any price, we often fall in the relentless cat-and-mouse struggle of life, but we rise again 

    but we rise up with spine uplifted, and, listening to the eternal human bells of our conscience, which shines like an eternal beacon of our own sincere and loyal conscience, even if we have to meet the yellow earth, we go on our way, and we will not let ourselves go!

    We will declare with determination, with a "cheer up, there will be no harm done" consciousness, that we are still human beings, and that we will carry the heavy burden of conscience with backbone and determination, without the condition of surrender, and that we will take responsibility for our actions until the last, numbered minutes of our mortality, and that we will bear it with perseverance, trusting in the coming of mercy!

    People! Beware! Guard as the eternally smouldering guardian flames of the glorious lamp-lights the spark-confidence and responsibility of your conscientious humanity, and let each one - after ten soul-bells have rung - think well what he is doing! We would owe it to our own character-personality, and we could rest in the harmony-treasures of spiritual peace with a sure consciousness of reconciling freedom, if the approaching and unshakable moment comes!

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