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    A gloomy and twilight thinning disturbed my peaceful sleep! - The feather-princes of dark cavillers knocked at my window with past invocations, and with their secret ceremonial voices of doom opened the otherworld of the graveyard! - Many a time have I feared, but in this ominous ghostly night the watchful soldierly voices of the trees only murmured in a secret whisper, warning me in my low ears, "Take care, for to-day the living watch for existence, and the dead welcome the risen grave world! - So it was that in my half-desperate hope I huddled between the boards of my protective bed, shutting out all that might bring danger around me, - until the gloomy visions subsided!

    On the steel-clawed arms of my cloak The heavenly birds of angels, Doves and doves, were humming a secret melody of woe! - They wished to banish the threatening dark death-voice of the threatening death-voice-but the last doom-chorus of the black crows was not hushed, but grew fatally stronger and more menacing, and more fearful, that even safety was dancing at the forefront of the chase! - Yet it is fitting to remember, in an eternal and unending circle, those loved ones who have left something everlasting, precious and important: the eternal flame of love that can be felt and discovered, 

    to shine as a halo of hope for us when all faith and hope seem to be extinguished! Reconciled souls of the blessed, watch over our dreams!

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