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    I am no longer able to look for a real friend among strangers because of my brooding, introvertedness! It is as if my constantly alarming and screaming conscience is constantly telling me: "All desperate and aspiring hopes are futile!"- People have become careerists, profiteers and masqueraders who have been made prisoners and captives by the mass of coloured papers: money!
    The trouble with true allies is that in the 21st century there are hardly any of them left to survive! Survivors, for whom the concept of eternal friendship and togetherness still mattered, like the Word made flesh, and now that all human truth, relationships and family community have been destroyed, the Son of Man is left all alone! The Goodness and Humanity that remain as floating islands in the world are the more difficult to see, the more hidden they are from us!

    The sole and heaven-shouting source of the greatest error and trouble is that good men and true morals die early, burn to ashes, because the world, which coldly counts only profit, casts its net over all goodness of heart without regard! Perhaps, if the floating Atlantis and the age-reefs could be united into continents in the name of righteous, humane goodness, it would be a little easier for men to find their feet on a surer anchor!

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