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    I was brought up by my parents' house, as opposed to the big-nosed, muscle-bearing Budaörs! A rich colony was once in prehistoric times the plot of land where now my parent's house, with rooted self-consciousness and hard humility, stood in its seven-storey slenderness! - Here I live in harmony-solitude, And many little thoughts in my secret hours of solitude Hold me captive, and surround me, creating fertile thoughts Like a mass of complimentary adulation! My socks and my warm things

    A great part of my finery and my warmth, is darned by transient forgetfulness, - But never mind, my cherished cavalier friends and hat-wearing lords, If no other, with proud self-consciousness, the little child in me strives to grow up, So that the secretly envious dog-tongues may not say, "Look at this big elephant-spirited child!"- My treasures: My cheerful happiness and my smiles, I'll pull them out of my secret inner drawer and dust them off!

    For merry, carefree, carefree laughter, ladies and gentlemen, is the cure! Hair! - I ought to be as strong and willful of heart, in full dalia armour, as my father! - I have often been a love-lorn, little dalliance, - A poetical courtier, who with sea-rain of compliments sought To please the tender consciences Of wounded lady-flower-hearts!

    I have discovered the pearl-treasures of the stars in every man's soul, but I have been deceived and spurned by a naive and deceivable soul! Thanks to a mother's support of solicitous care, I can bathe in the civilized sea of books when my lean time permits! Yes, I am myself! And I am trying to dissect the eternal questions of existence with the threads of my unbelieving and questioning brain!

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