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    Human existence: a Gordian knot! It can be tightened, if man wills it, if not every life-struggle, human blunder and compass-element! Let those who have broken their wheels under the ordeal, and have not yet the will to tear from the prison of their souls the money-bundles and titles of rank that haunt their consciences, confess it with a confession of faith!

    Translators of destiny, we balance on a firmly pointed edge above our destined and mortal yarn of fate, the threads of which the carefully pondering hands of God are trying to unravel with understanding mercy! And we know not which of our numbered clock-days will be the final day, which will challenge the duel of conscience within us with its ghostly reckoning?

    Let us live responsibly for the peace of our souls, and for the understanding acceptance of others and our families, and for a moderate human consciousness: That we are neither more nor less than our half-friends who stare at us strangely, but try to survive with a humane spirit and a backbone of morality on the morally impoverished shores of inhuman times, and with conscious determination convince ourselves of this, by letting the armour of our honest and sincere character prevail as an unbreakable human law in the everyday life which defines existence and which necessarily involves struggle! And, armed with the self-consciousness of eternal Pandora's hope, the unsaleable 


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