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    Compromise: It's the main contemporary fasion these days! What shouldst thou have done, say, I pray thee, Thou omnipresent, the mercy of Providence, faithful as a watchman, in the desponding hearts of men? - Would it have been better to have surrendered to the congregation of hypocritically shapeless masks of character? - And as a person sold for a bowl of redeemable lentils, what could he have done, if the life-sustaining masses of paper, like a rising tide 

    kept on coming, sparing neither the balefuls of overhead and common expense, and settling in heaps, patiently waiting to take the safe refuge above my head? Today I have to work! Even with the relentless grasping consciousness it would be fitting, that with its crushing compassion when old age knocks with a dingle above our heads, there should be a retirement pension and a fixed penny of security! 

    With my unbreakable hopeful faith, I dared to hopefully, as a reckoning, to put my faith and will as a stubborn, persistent consciousness that the impossible is possible: And my job is not only a heavy cross on my shoulders, but I can gladly do the deed that not only pays, but also fills me with renewed enthusiasm, because I believe myself that I can serve some noble and holy cause with content, from which my increasing fertility can blossom!

    In this I am confident, even if in the treadmill of everyday life I oil the coils of my intellect and brain system like a chain of cogs!

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