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     The unspeakable seduction magic is tormented and captured, many times in the prison of a pure feeling in love with two human heartbeats, the sealed and holy vow: how much I love-I would even sacrifice- At a moment, you can be happy here with a sure loyalty here next to me! With my weak and naive childlike faith, I also lied to myself with my moral conscience that my real and sincere feelings would be pure, and maybe listen to my heart with my heart, but I have betrayed the corals of my inner secrets.

    I did not blame me in love with anyone else, and cherished his fragile shoulders like a naughty and clownish mooded shoulders rested - dense pearl streams for a moment, my heart with all my sensitive seismograph with selfless confidence and humanity. I let go of his fragile porcelain personality, and I never lied to him about my real and understanding emotions - though he was persecuted with persistent purposeful and forgiving diligence to take away falsehood and admit a sincere level! It may be my excessive, vertebrate self-consciousness, my human mortal loss first-compass: he called on an sms message with a brilliant armor determination, "Leave me peace for me because I married you!"

    In my heart, he wounded the rose petals bleeding as the purple, the altar-love of the beautifying idyll with my light-smoky and romantic Atlantic Soul Coasts! Why I attract how much I want, you mumble there between the blood labyrinths of my incessant brain rollers, and I can't get enough of you because you call the secrets of whispering secrets with the magic power of my soul, and I don't know if I have done it right when I revealed What is the memory of humanly tearful pearls in the heart-kapum with an incessant and stubborn perseverance! Oh! -Did I spoil what I knew, and maybe inside I felt that you couldn't be mine anyway: I gave you the magic slogan of live conscience as a sacrificial gift, and I didn't regret that as a spike of your disappointment-with a solid will of months-more with me-more with me You didn't talk anymore!