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    And I see the old childish man who, at a young age, in the shadow of the large quince tree in the crab garden, blessed with his grandmother in the lap of a protective shadow shelter, matured the scent of sweetness on the ground in the dragon-throated flame of the forty-degree sun! – We enclosed the grateful and ripe ornaments of the Summer with its scorching jewels in a mason jar: Fruits and ferries given to us by the fertile fireball, to have something to bring out in the modesty of the winter season and then – My God - how good was the chatter-stumbling in my naive half-nail

    with self-awareness Even with a child's head, the self-forgotten player is free to feel happiness! Well, I can't control it! – When chick secretly and inside – in a tiny little lap of the garden -, steaming and sizzling in the bell-ringing cauldron A world of mouth-watering and hunger-enhancing flavors has matured: Onions, tasty peppers, tomatoes and tasty taste cavalcade harmony, to have a good spoon-holding and juicy stew base! 

    Hair! – Back then, with childish innocent self-awareness, I thought to myself how openly straight and simple it was! – S everything can be meaningfully and thoughtfully simple in this collapsed big jungle world! Just as one looks carefully at the essential depth secrets of things with the wise experience of man's intellect – one may realize that nothing can be openly according to the law of causal existence and in a more straightforward nature with kindness : Only the harmonious Unity and humanity of the family idyll!

    I was forced to fear my family steadfastly from the prison uniqueness of mortality – which, although I accepted it by ordering my quiet indulgence, are members of my family: social people who are tormented by loneliness and not upliftingly fertilizing like me!

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