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    It often happens involuntarily in the self-awareness to judge the other as one-sided – man's actions or conscience - even though we really and really don't know ourselves enough! I try to get to know my self's often morphing and exhausted conscience with an increasingly persistent and optimistic conscience, but I may not succeed on doubt! – I have been accused many times, that I confess the imagined and idyllic lie and sing and go out long ago and according to a forgotten decency I am determined to courtship, although consciously with a half-naked compliment!

    Nowadays, we look for the stubborn and one-truthful connections of prejudices in almost everything, although perhaps the simplest task would still be to follow the ancient conscience of acceptance and understanding! In the catacombs of imagined and unjust sins, millions of people who have not been at all reluctant to witness as a just account So, they express their convictions: They would have firmly articulated their sincerity and would not have sold their humane – fidelity skin - what they managed to preserve in their fateful situation!

    Eternal and Lesson Dilemma: Don't sell the individual roots of your personality, because without this you can't be the value-preserving flame of the Spine, the world-gloria that everyone needs, to show what it is really worth to yourself if you have set your oath of allegiance to rock-solid human self-awareness, Beware and should exist according to moral admonition today, as my soul is half-hearted and seems to strengthen its doubting self-awareness forever, that slanderous mud-throwing self-awareness is frustratingly popular today Kordivat!

    And perhaps a single and final peace of harmony should be cried out in the nests of human stone hearts, so that there can finally be forgiving compassion and togetherness so that the intimate and self-conscious serenity of Peace will enter the self-consciousness of conscience as a guardian angel! – My word, which wants to carry value and protects humanity, is currently resting empty, in the home of the gaping space deafness, and kong in the catacombs of the present unspeakable envy and misunderstanding! – It took a lonely orphan, to judge my conscience so that I can keep the commandment decisions of my pure-hearted humanity with all my might!

    I must protect all my stubborn and system-dependent forces and compare, that the noblest and most difficult task is self-conscious and to preserve and pass on the humane vertebrate of conscience as armor and protecting it, perhaps for future generations!

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