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    The ever-renewing dissatisfied greedy hunger consciousness tears each other with his wolf teeth: the Yellowed Envy! For many, if given with compassion and heartfelt honor, the eternal and exemplary human lesson was unfortunately not enough! Many people march with relentless and repulsively ugly offensive words instead of knowing their friendly opponents who thought they were enemies with their conscience vertebrate self-awareness and trying to adapt to the volcanic eruptions of temper to understand the other tiny cosmos of spiritual life, and yet you can feel his delicate orders of existence!

    No and no! – A proud man with a stubborn self-consciousness, a habit of negative criticism who, with a different thought, idea, and perhaps a morally pure and unalterably humane personality head, steps out on the stage of life with sufficient vertebracy, it is easily trampled on by a conscious and ruthless judgment indifference that does not take human numbers, because whoever dares here today to use his thoughts as a nobleman to mine the wells of his intellect skull should lose it, without the mercy of listening acceptance!

    People of today's era! To you half-naked, not just whispering with soft self-awareness my message of thought: Please, be very careful! – Think of your lucky chosen person as a blessed person, even though you feel inside and are aware of it, that from your animal instincts – in the manner of a robbery that holds you in prison - you cannot be torn apart! – Have mercy and give your understanding humility to the benefit of your late-understood and lucky comrades to escape

    all heartfelt people who have provided humanity in difficult years – as a selfless example of the moral candle world into the inner microcosm of conscience!

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