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    He stabbed and stigmatized the pain with his spikes that matched his stabbing knives and stigma signals! The vascular system of my heart has been splitting for days since its long and monotonous line! with his cruel chains and thorns penetrating my bone structure, he condemned and beat me so that, screaming in volcanic pain and crying, all my internal organs and my blood-maze nerves are now rhyming!

    The roaring cries for help and wo-emerging supplications surrounded the gates of my calcium body like a prayer! How long can I live even in peace tolerating the war of my organization ?! – S can I account for all my small requests and my wishes once and perhaps for the last time, that the eternal harmonies of rest take my soul tormented by spiritual wounds to the pardoning islands?

    The demanding and all-willing passing is what makes my gear my brain scare and threaten! – I am afraid that in one and indivisible moments of my last existence, no one will be, who, with gracious care, will help you through the final and final destiny! 

    He who, with his one and final last look, as he landed in Eden, comforts him before the final minutes of mortality, and rockes him to sleep with gentle patience and blesses all the overly anxious outbursts of my restless soul! As thoughtfully and wisely as I want to say goodbye to the final and last farewell, I cannot prepare my future family as a carefully calculated plan or idea! 

    But I try to plan everything as and as it fills with strength and remains of my human willpower! – Perhaps good and just-hearted people are the hardest to dismiss permanently – because they did not live in vain content-active on this earth, the sudden coming to peace is an inability to make peace, and acceptance is not possible to just put up with – or maybe it is not even difficult to – to travel to another place!

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