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    Caged cool and half-naked bird: Our soul-body has been imprisoned in the doomed bone prison of our mortality since we came into the world! – We will be increasingly squeezed by omniscient organ unrest: every tiny bell-ring of our heartbeat whispers the patiently numbered and measured eternal messages of our days here on Earth!

    As alien shipwrecks of the only body, we will always be imprisoned as prisoners in a bone museum while the statutory sand-minutes of our existence will falter: would we be just organic matter, bone and tactile and perceptible bone tissues? 

    It can not be! Full of existence with small moments of magic: Determining and perhaps all-decisive encounters that leave deep traces, flaming firefly glances, and extraterrestrial heaven romance! In every creature: Thus there is something special and unrepeatable unique in the thinking and calculating man!

    My brain doesn't turn off, it glows under stress, it boils, and it heats up, scorching like a volcanic fire, it morphs and thinking about the flawed blunders of the past! but in a truly spiritual balance it will be sincerely right and I could only be satisfied: If I were to learn the mistakes of my past as human series of experiential slaps and real lessons, 

    the ancient law of adaptation to life! Unhappy, but perhaps not hopeless, who is deliberately entering the future!

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