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    We continue to struggle and fight like machines and machines. The best of our time is doomed to mortality around the numbered pages of our own existence! And whatever we go into: Our creative footprint to age our cultural footprint as a legacy is coming to an end anyway, and it calls us to itself as a direct shadow friend: Death! 

    - Here is the world according to the Money Act of Interests and Benefits, of which – doubt may be in vain - get out more! People! – The purposeful and determined soul force, and the humane ancient, yet human will: Spine characters who we are, the books of thought ideas reborn day by day, which our brains have closed as hard-working printers

    the forgetfulness of Time often forgets the scarlet-guilty stamp of – as a conscious conviction! The point of conscience and content can truly begin if you have truly descended in the deep wells of yourself in the soul and discovered it, and you have known yourself to do it to your full soul cartilage! 

    Despair and hopeless assumption were broken many times: That I had little time left for almost anything, I handcuff my exhausted and heavy fist rocks between the mill wheels that also grind on the transient at my own risk for a single life! And I have to face – because to put up with it is not – at most, it can be sadly accepted to throw my fragment as a ruthless judge in the eternal River of Forgetting, the time to destroy everything! 

    And it even hurts if the calcium bones of my body cartilage even go bankrupt, in the captivity of Memory, my Alzheimer’s disease should not be reborn in forgetfulness!

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