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    Every little memory should be shattered, like the twin-masters of crystal mirrors, and hidden deep in seven-seal handcuffs on the loneliest northern corner of the cold stone soul! Like the whims of the non-fresh autumn season and the goblins of disease, we should throw away all the summons of past that tears our hearts and the emptiness of our bad and most painful memories!

    I try to shove into the unused room of my pituitary maze the damn factual data of my relentless and torturous past, and closing my silent ear canals, yet I believe to hear in ever-honesty the whispering and wise admonitions of my eternal inner space voice: "If you do what will be – if an age comes when the future left alone will be remembered?”

    And whoever could still experience and know the eternal secret seals as sincere justice in the past believed to be forgotten would be good to, if, as a witness, someone would understand the erroneously wandering – yet - footprint messages of that era! I should forget love because my already vulnerable heart box has been deceived and shattered cunningly, but loving can never be a sin

    that transgressions could not be corrected as a cure with the faith-glory of forgiveness!

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