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    The curved shadow spread drunk, caressing like a black cat's mustache on the fluttering swan-white house walls! The halo maturity of the summer effervescence is open: Like the last unquenchable thirst-saving desire for ice cream! They also ate six or seven dumplings on a handle that day, the whining consolations of the naughty youth, and the girl-angels came in a dense line and went with flirtatious self-awareness and a disarming seductive smile that 

    scout the male hearts that still want to conquer the unsuspecting. The enchanting snake tamer was the Cyclops-like fireball: the Sun scorched the fruit flavors of the summer with its secret nature will, and peach nectar vines collapsed in harmony intoxication in the pergolas of garden shadows, as if they were meant to be puttony bride's by the prolific creator: the winemaker! This is the world of intoxicated and idyllic dreams for the harvest of summer effervescence

    he had an intuition! It was the fall of 2009, and yet burning the turtle street stones of the sidewalk with kacifan-strange self-awareness scorched the sun! – I dug out some of the pieces of my strange memory library: the feelings of love that are forever reborn, and as some strange and imagined sacrificial gift, I wanted to compliment the lady's hearts with touched humility! It was as if I had just run out of my own childish self as a mirror of moments

    to be human, and to taste the blessed fruits of honeyed nectar words as willow wood eggs for as long as I can!


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