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    The bull-eyed wind sighed from the sky and sighed wild whiplashes with its lightning teeth! Even the drunkenness of the drowned breeze in the summer filled human hearts to the brim, but the raging and hurricane-roaring storm had already broken out! The June doomsday handed a ruthless and cruel verdict over our heads! – Like summer flaming, so is winter dormancy! And something could have broken under the fireball flame of the sunball because everything became more terrible and the heavens were vindictive 

    his bullet ice projectiles took relentless satisfaction for their grievances on the variegated skulls of houses and on human harvests and fruits! 

    A diligent foal drove the warming heatwave into the destructive Word tiny crap! However, the air just didn't want to be refreshed! We should have prayed and knelt with humility and in the ancient way of repentants to atone for the grace of heavenly nature as the magic power of taltos! The ruthless Mother Nature has proved what a man's wall of willpower is worth against his power to move heaven and earth!

    Maybe it is only the will to do it together, the universal and humane act that works together can only bring redemptive reassurance! To build, you have to learn about the rock-hundredth of the ruins, as the brick and stone prove to be more solid than the card castle without air filling! One should not lose his will to support: it is                                      

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