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    Thank you for the golden rule of faithful cowardice: escape, that the fragile hourglass of your existence is still together! Thank you for the watchful and watchful glances of the eternal end and your guardian angel for smuggling the essential peace to you with intimacy under the gracious angel wings of your free hidden four walls! Thank you for your trick-stumbling caution that the rest of your life is organized and overcomplicated 

    left, though you should know that as a ruthless chess piece, you are a prisoner of a disease that pulls your body’s bone nest or into your old age. Your home and your destiny comforts you with humanity and gives you the comfort of a gift. Strive to find the eternal island of harmony and tranquility, and while you can! The huge jungle of the world looks at you as a shoreless aim-lost and restless and wounded game, because the false compass that has lost its way and path unfortunately shows something else!

    Always be yourself and when the breadwinner calls for need, and sometimes hopeless destinies, trust that you will always have a shelter nest that brings peace and tranquility as an eternal cover: Your Humanity! Keep the honest and pure human word as a gracious gift for as long as you can, and always be a faithful guardian of your decision-making morals!

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