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    Chestnut in your hair: a wreath of amber, chestnuts in your eyes: a brown diamond with all glow and halo! Your chestnut scent: it enchants my lost and foreign soul! – In your voice, danol is your charming tit and fragile virgin figure, what a snowdrop! My sweet soul, if I may, even once, that you would kiss your grace and supplication to my soul as a protective and fearful gift, for there are days when I have only my own faults, and because of the torments of passing away, I feel sorry for myself in a chatter-stumbling block!

    So I ask, and I can only hope that my quick-flying Pegasus prayer can reach you one more time! Will you love me so much, my dear, if ugly and old with silver cauldrons, and on my head: crusher-der, but I remained: in love, in love… "In honesty, I'll stand before you every day after day and ask my fateful questions! Would you share with me every minute of our blessed sweetness even if you knew that death was just calling you to rest with your awful and scary voice underground?

    After all, you command the big bangs of your own purple rose – alone! Will you alone rock my restless and wandering soul in the sea of your nectar and healing kiss? – Even when there is nothing to eat, drink and pull the momentary break of our humble life, in a forest shelter? Do you want to linger in the small corner of my heart with enough poverty and joy? Hair! – My soul! I would like your urgent answer!

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