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    A lot of human soul bells roar, a message as preaching words in many people, a desperate remorse like millions of little tiny souls of crystal shards, when, as a single noble task, they can finally unite in complete order, the eternal law of Damocles: according to the atomic vibration of the Universe, point to the life of the compass? Man is born a fall and a fragile porcelain gift, and he would need supportive care 
    ensuring maternal harmony and caring kills to comfort her so that her hunger for peaceful love will calm down forever! Between the weathered centurion walls of an era when the angel-given existence of infants was cursed and the alleys and incubators were entrusted with the ruthless ice loneliness, let them drip as a fragile future seed in post-natal reception prisons and new mothers 
    they are packed into the nets of sixteen-year-old children with their long-lost and abandoned moral self-awareness: the responsibility of being humane people is values for existence, not junk nonsense and crap to throw away! 

    I ask, standing unbroken in my half-heartedness: What can one hope for with redemptive and compassionate faith if the sacred light of spark-humanity in everyone is melancholy and hesitant? – He will be human-friendly and leave the newborn Eden hope alone: "Exist and prosper in the slaps of life, but without me this killer profit hunter and man in an age not considered a personality!" TAG1> 

    Hair! – Let's estimate because the younger Generation should also be appreciated, because they may create a renewed beginning of the immortal Hope and Opportunity to trust! for we have lived in vain if we do not share the thoughts of the defining intellect of the people of past and turning times and can no longer inherit it as an eternal lesson to future youthful thinkers: the Child's consciences!

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