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    Maybe it was just some long-lost pain-sighs, and I was looking for a soul rupture, always in a defining and trying soul shape! The eternal secret, and the miracle that transcends heaven in the eyes, and as a coveting peace symphony longing for understanding and comfort, exists in the universe of all inner vertebrate consciences!

    In the metamorphosis of the paradise moment that landed on the ground, I wanted to listen with my phonendoscope ears to feel what secret content and fateful messages could sigh on the all-encompassing open map of our two true pearls' foreheads, and is it still possible to attain the healthy grace of the soul bell that fills everything and solders everything into a heartfelt unity, if the last refuge shelter of the supporting friendship alliance seemed to cease around us?

    It doesn't hurt anymore! Only as much as the aching on the rebirth of Prometheus and the growing despair of whether there would be anyone else in this crumbling, yet intricately arranged whole, who would heal as a cure with a single earthly Eden look, and he puts his lily head on my heart and listens to attentive research with desire what he can say as an added value in my stubborn and sometimes wanting to function according to his own laws 

    my living, vertebrate conscience? I would like to feel that the angel-hand with good compassion, with the caring maternal will, brings it in silence, smuggled on secret soul paths: The Atlantis harmony that determines existence, in which my restless heart finds itself again with the soul of my dear, and perhaps we can build the earthly paradise of our existence and the eternally rightful human endings of our conscience!

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