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  • The knots of our existence


    Human existence: Gordian bog-knot! You get tense on it if you want it, if not all life-slaps, human blunder and compass-intense! – It's a cold-sealed thing to fix! Those who broke into the wheel during the ordeals confess, and do not yet have enough will to tear off the bundles of money that haunt their consciences from their own soul prison and buy rank titles!

    We balance our destiny on a solid mountain cliff over our ordained and mortal line of destiny, the threads of which are carefully morphed by god-hands try to impose with understanding compassion! And we don’t know how we counted our clockwork days 

    which will be the final day, which, with its ghost count, will call into question the duel of conscience within us? We live responsibly for their spiritual peace, and for the understanding acceptance of others and our families, and the moderate human consciousness: That we are neither more nor less than our strangely staring half of our friends, we are only trying to survive with a human soul with vertebrate morality on the morally poor coast of inhuman ages, 

    and we convince ourselves with conscious determination by allowing us to assert ourselves with a characteristic consciousness that protects and testifies to the armor personality of our honest and sincere character, as an unbreakable human law in the everyday life that defines existence and fights out of compulsion! And armed with the self-awareness of eternal Pandora hope, our indestructible and incorruptible trust cannot be sold: We believe forever that it is 

    man admits his own falling mortality and changes in the right direction! 

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