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    I was once a snap of fun, naive childish self-forgetfulness, and happiness, and independent cheering. I did not speak and did not ask the hidden and feared child angel self of my heart to present my soul with self-forgetful and mischievous devotion, my restlessly morphing self-consciousness, that peace be to the island of Atlantis, I get lost in a secret halfway with happy ignorance.

    I was once a stigmatized clown deprived of tragic laughter with galadic intentions and scarlet sins, who innocently forced the world's conspicuous testimonies into prison, in the eternal language of humor and laughter that wanted to forget everything: he just got lost and sent a smile that didn't fit there!
    And I became forever a morphing question in the swamp world of my own petty self-pity: I became a neighbor of an unhappy shadow of a stubborn will of interpretation, love, happiness, so to myself, my well-arranged everyday life!

    Eternal complaint, and in all things an eternal pessimistic state of consciousness assuming evil: wailing, and a cry for help that digs into the bottomless and hidden wells of souls, in its own strange way of existence. And as weak sparks of reckoning, we hardly dare to notice him, we are: fellow human beings who exist with joy!

    "I wish, if possible, that in a slightly optimistic spirit there would be a self-forgetful but determined and unbreakable vertebrate man, my live-warning compass conscience might still survive in humanity!                                     

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