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    Inside the seemingly endless worldly abundance, in the jungle-interest forest of the big city, the benefits revolve with its ruthless toys, and the gears that seem unable to rest are scrambling! They grind the one that got caught on the hook: man, machine, and profit interest, until you can stand in the care of great bales, and the Benefit is in order, and what is reborn with fertility: Money! 

    Hair! – Nowadays, in whose money purse green-bellied angels happily begin to jingle with a series of frequencies, they have the control of the World! And man, with a fallen and fragile will, may be glad that the shark-businessmen did not sniff out his free-spirited and independent thought products, because the ominousness of the ruthless value-resistant paper greed is already approaching! 

    Everyone work! With great honor and decent self-awareness, but let no one become a murderously ruthless victim and slave to Money because of profitable gain or stunning and bribing self-awareness! Let us find and discover the eternal halo balm for our spiritual injuries as a healing brilliance: a loving and self-sacrificing wife, moments of harmony in family peace, and self-awareness that gives birth to Hope, that there is still somewhere in his secret hiding place in every man there flickers as a dead candle world, the stubborn and willful all-encompassing Corps that: although it may fall on the ruins of the world, and everyone is great

    you can run after a promising profit even then I don't give up and sell myself! I insist on universal human and moral values, that we be thinkers, and not merely will-stripped chess pieces, and that our spiritual values are wasting human desires, and the storms of the era should be preserved as important documents to be preserved!